How Misted Up Windows Affect the Appearance of Your Home

Misted Window Repair ImageThe perfect interior design can often be let down by the little things such as furniture placement or the appearance of your windows. Dirty or misted up windows can make your home look unloved which is often not the case. A quick clean is simple and cheap to do requiring no expert knowledge. On the other hand, fixing misted up windows requires professional help as the window needs to be taken out and replaced. A good window fitting company such as will be able to carry out this process at a reasonable cost.

The moisture is often hard to spot and can take some time to find. However, some windows offer no clarity at all which are therefore much easier to spot. Sealed units which make up the window are designed to be replaced without any disruption the surrounding frame. This is far cheaper than replacing the complete window and is also quicker to complete.

Once the sealed unit has been removed from its frame the point of failure is easy to spot. The perimeter seal is usually responsible for letting water into the glazed unit. Damage to this seal can be caused by incorrect manufacture or fitting of the glazed unit in the first place. Environmental conditions can play a big part in how fast this seal degrades, also strong chemicals can cause damage to the rubber.

This video demonstrates a technique which can be an alternative to replacing the seal completely. Costs for this are even cheaper than replacing the glazed units, so it may be something to look into as an alternative.

In some of the worst cases of degraded seals, the window itself can fill up with water rather than just a fine mist.

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